Monday, November 26, 2012

Blog update:  Big week ahead for Ethan.  

CT scan today, Monday, and PET scan on Thursday.  

Please pray there would be no signs that his cancer has progressed.  No bad new is the best news we can get!  

Also, Ethan's drum recital is Saturday, December 1, at 2:30 pm at Hope Community Church, Mount Joy ( for directions).  

Ethan will be playing three songs; his group should be done around 4 pm.  Please come if you can.  It will be very loud.  (You've been warned!!)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good news/Bad news today:  

Ethan does not have any mouth ulcers which would have delayed his admission today.  However, there are no beds available.  UGH!  Very disappointing.  

Please pray that a bed will open up for Friday, November 9, so he can complete this LAST chemo admission!!!  

More than just wanting to be finished, Ethan wants to be able to participate in his drum recital on December 1st.  You are all invited.  
Bring earplugs!   

It takes several weeks for him to feel well after this next type of chemo so we really want him to be admitted ASAP!!!  

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!