Friday, December 16, 2011

Update from Tegan

Greetings, all.

It is Friday evening and Jordan and I are in Ethan's hospital room (Karen was with him all morning and early into the afternoon; she's on her way over now!).  Ethan had surgery this morning to have a metaport installed in his chest, to which they hook up the I.V., for his chemo.

He just started his I.V. about 90 minutes ago.  They are giving him an intravenous course of two "protectant" drugs that are designed to minimize stress and toxicity to his kidneys and heart.  He'll be treated with that for another hour, and then will begin the actual chemo.  He's doing well.  The biggest frustration in his life is that he can't hook up his PS3 to the TV in his room!

He'll be in all day tomorrow and depending on how he responds to chemo, "hopefully" might be sent home Sunday afternoon.  His hope is that he'll be home on time to watch the Saints play at 1 pm (but it's doubtful).

Please pray that he responds to the medication well in terms of nausea and GI distress.  About 50% of patients make it thru this course without a lot of pain and distress.  We're hoping and praying that he'll be one of them.

FYI, probably all of my updates from here moving forward will be thru the blog rather than direct email.  So please do bookmark that page and check in regularly.

Enough for now.  Thanks again for your support.

More later,

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