Monday, January 2, 2012

Concert Update

For those who have been praying for Ethan's request to attend the August Burns Red concert, I think you'll appreciate how all that worked out!  

As you know, I was mentioning this to everyone at Hershey and his blood counts the Friday before the concert were looking good enough that I thought I better buy a ticket.  However, by then they were sold out!! I was totally bummed . . . much more than Ethan was, actually.  

A friend of Jordan's had a connection and I asked him to try to get Ethan a ticket.  In the meantime, I was trying to secure him a place "away from the mosh pit", because of his being immune compromised.

So, the day before the concert he had more blood work and his doctor said he could go . . . but still no ticket, so it didn't matter.  Later that night, Jordan's friend said he couldn't get him a ticket, but the band's drummer said he could get him a place stageside . . . really close to the band . . . but couldn't get him a ticket.

The day of  the concert, he got a call from a friend of his whose brother was unable to go and asked if Ethan would want his ticket!!!  I was so excited!  Tegan and I presented the option to Ethan and . . . can you believe it . . . he declined.  He said he just felt like the crowd would be too close and he would run the risk of getting sick and being admitted with an infection.  

We were so proud of his decision!  God worked this out in the best way possible . . . Ethan was able to control the decision of whether or not to go!  He said he would be able to see them next year when they are in Lancaster again . . . so cool!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support.  The head shaving turned a horrible day into a blessed one! 

We have a wonderful God and the best friends ever!

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