Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Update

Ethan's admission has gone as planned, but he has to wait a day or two more for the chemo to clear his kidneys before discharge.  Hopefully that will be Sunday, but it could be Monday . . . ugh . . . and then a readmission Wednesday, most likely.  So far only a little nausea from this round of chemo, but that has passed.  

His spirits are good . . . greatly encouraged by the gift from youth group kids and parents of an IPAD!!!  Thanks to Hana L. for spearheading that effort . . . he was speechless!  

Between that and the head shaving party, I think he is realizing that people really do care about him. :)  The support has been awesome. . . thanks to everyone who contributed and who has been visiting him in the hospital. 

I am so thankful that he can see the Saints game in the teen room at the hospital tonight, so Tegan and anyone else who wants to join them can come and watch!  Staff are so flexible and do everything they can to make this as positive as possible. . . what a blessing.

Thanks for the prayers, meals and encouragement!

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  1. Very cool about the head shavings and the iPad. You are surrounded by great friends. Praying for Ethan from Mexico also.

    Steve and Terry