Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ethan will be admitted for chemo tomorrow, Wednesday, February 28th, and he will probably be discharged on Monday. He will be admitted again on March 12th.  His oncologist is honoring my desire for him to take the SATS on March 10th. :)  

These four consecutive methotrexate admissions will take their toll on Ethan.  He is in for 5 nights each time and it just starts to drive him nuts to be there that long.  They added these next 2 admissions because they could not move the surgery earlier and in the long run this should allow him to be finished earlier with treatment.  

Please pray that Ethan can dwell on the idea of finishing treatment earlier when he is bored and feeling tired in the hospital.  Praise God for his friends who have been so faithful at coming in to visit with him and play games or watch a movie.  That always lifts his spirits and reminds him that he's not forgotten.  :) 

We continue to feel amazing peace about the process and the outcome.  Ethan is growing so much emotionally and spiritually...hard to believe at times!

Thank you for your prayers!

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