Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Surgery Update

It has been a stressful morning.  There had been some unexpected complications earlier in the day which almost culminated in having to reschedule Ethan's surgery until Friday.  However, without going into detail, everything has been resolved and surgery has commenced.

We just got word a few moments ago (4:10 pm) from the O.R. that the first half of the surgery is finished.  The tumor has been removed in full and the implants (bone grafts and prosthesis) are complete.  That means that the orthopedic surgeon is wrapping up his portion and the next phase will be the hand-off to the plastic surgeon to finish.

They said the operation went as expected and they were very pleased.  No surprises, they felt VERY good about it.  Praise God.  

THANK YOU for your prayers.  We've been getting texts and emails from so many of you throughout the day just to let us know we're in your prayers.  Cannot begin to tell you how much of a difference that's made!  

More to come!

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