Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well, every day is less of a struggle for Ethan than the day before!!!  Less pain . . . better sleep . . . really doing well.

Ethan had a follow-up visit w/ the plastic surgeon yesterday (Ethan and I showed amazing organization getting him in and out of the van, thank you very much!).  He said his leg looks better than any of the four he operated on previously did at this stage. :)  That was awesome news!  (It looks pretty scary to me, so I'm glad he gave me perspective!!)  Dr. Warsaw disconnected a very annoying pump, so it's much easier for Ethan to get around nowalthough to and from the bathroom and from sofa to chair are as "around" as he can get . . . exhausting.  He'll have more follow up appts. with the plastic surgeon and the orthopedic surgeon next week.

Praise God for his return to normal in sense of humor and outlook as the pain has lessened . . . and continue to pray that he be able to rest at night.  Last night was the first really long sleep he had.  Praise God, also, for his friends who have come alongside him and for all of you who have come alongside of Tegan and I . . . simply awesome! 


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