Friday, April 20, 2012

Well, last evening was rough for us. The tumor response to the chemo wasn't as good as they had hoped for.  

Although this is not a death sentence it leads to a poorer prognosis than we had been given before if nothing is changed in his chemo regimen.  

So Ethan will have some additional chemo drugs and his treatments will extend at least two months longer, taking us into November if there are no setbacks.  

Really hard to know how effective the additional drugs will be because the research data isn't in on those...Not enough in the sample size to draw conclusions.  

There is good anecdotal evidence, so that's where I am choosing to dwell. I'm sure you all know that we just need prayer for peace and a good outcome...It will just be hard to tell how everything  is going after this point, so we just have to trust...Thanks for your prayers.

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