Thursday, August 23, 2012

Update Wednesday, August 22

Well, Ethan has had some extra days at home because his admission was bumped a week. His audiogram results necessitated a possible change in chemo and his attending physician was out of town. So instead of last Friday, we will be heading to Hershey today. .. Not sure for what until we get there! We're thankful that Ethan at least got to go to his first day of classes today. He is taking two at a local Christian school and one at home. 

Huge praise that Ethan completed trig this week! One more nutrition lesson and we can update his transcripts and he is ready for college applications! Phew! Hard to believe!  

I'll post an update with news from today later. Thanks for your ongoing prayers that the mouth ulcers be kept at bay!! Pray for continued healing and no more delays. Thanks to you all!

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