Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hello, everyone!

It's so odd how even the least desirable things can become routine . . . I'm less prompted to update all of you, because our life has settled into such a routine.  It isn't always good, but it is certainly routine, right down to the chemo side effects that Ethan just takes in stride.  

After another week of mouth ulcers, he is feeling well again . . . a little disappointed that his platelets are too low for him to be admitted this week.  Therefore, his next admission for chemo will be Wednesday, October 31 (Happy Halloween!) and will last 5 days.  One more chemo admission after that and then they check his CT scan.  If all is clear, then all is well for the time being and he will be done with treatment!!!   Hard to believe, honestly . . . 

Ethan will have frequent monitoring and we will hold our breath for the results of every CT scan, I am sure, but I am praying that our focus will be elsewhere overall.  Ethan is applying to colleges now . . . excited about the future, as he should be.  Please pray for discernment about those college decisions and that we not let our fears overshadow the amazing things God has in store for us.  

Stay tuned for details of a huge Open House we will have to celebrate the end of his treatment phase . . . You are all invited!!!   We should have more info to you in a few weeks.

Thanks again for your faithful prayers and encouragement to our family!  Praise God for his faithfulness to us and the peace He has provided as we continue on this journey.


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