Thursday, February 16, 2012

Urgent Prayer Request

Ethan is scheduled for high-dose methotrexate today and tomorrow, but there is a shortage of this chemo nationwide.  They expected a shipment yesterday and did not receive it . . .Hershey has been in phone mtgs at a higher level w/ manufacturers to find more.  

Ethan is first on the list and if he is bumped several days, it isn't a big deal . . . it is, however, a big deal if it doesn't come available early next week. . . then they would have to use a different chemo drug which isn't in the protocol . . . could be fine, but obviously not ideal and potentially not as effective.

Please pray that this would be available tomorrow.  We so want to get this last leg of the treatment completed soon and according to the protocol. . . he then won't need more of this medicine for several months.

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