Friday, July 6, 2012

Ethan is doing a lot better today, but had a rough week b/c of a huge mouth ulcer.  He's pretty tired of smoothies, so moved on to Wendy's Frosties (that looks funny plural . . . but he ate them in plural!!)  Today was the first he could chew since last Friday, so the biggest prayer is that he can make up for lost time and put on a pound or two before he is admitted next Wednesday (July 11).  Hopefully, the sores will be gone by tomorrow; they've improved each day as his white count rises.  He misses pizza!!! 

Amazingly, except when the pain was at its worst, he has remained in good spirits.  His friends have been great at hanging out with him and their distraction is really helpful.   He turned 17 on Saturday, but we had fortunately celebrated the previous Thursday while Jordan was still home (she left for Haiti the day before his birthday).  Praise God that we celebrated early, because he didn't have any mouth sores then so Jordan took him to breakfast and spent most of the day w/ him and then we all went out to dinner.  Little did we know that that would be the last he could chew for a week!!  I truly thank God for the timing of all that.  :)

As always, continue to pray for total healing of Ethan by the end of all this.  He is drawing closer to God and making such mature decisions . . . we thank you for your ongoing prayers about all aspects of his life.  Our community of friends and family is truly a daily blessing to us.  

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