Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thanks to everyone for the prayers.  Ethan was admitted last week (July 11th) for chemo and did well.  He was discharged Sunday but, unfortunately, a mouth ulcer started to appear on Monday. . . just the beginning stage, so not painful.  However, he was to be admitted again on the 18th, but vomiting with a mouth ulcer just isn't a pretty thought.  So, by Wednesday it was still there, and we opted to delay his admission.  

Frustrating on the one hand, but at least he had a few days to spend with his good friend who just got back from being away for 6 weeks!  Ethan is getting pretty good at looking at situations from different perspectives so he can find the positives . . . such an important area of growth!!!

Today his mouth looks almost better, so he will be admitted tomorrow, July 20th, for the "heavy-duty" chemo, as I call it.  Please pray the the 5 days of chemo won't be as exhausting as it was the last time . . . he really felt awful when he had the last 5-day course. 

Also pray that he could be discharged Tuesday evening instead of Wednesday afternoon .  . . depends on how quickly our admission process goes tomorrow and how soon the first dose of chemo is ready . . . even one less night is such a mood boost for him!  

Thank you for the cards and notes . . . much appreciated!!!  As always, we pray that God would be glorified and Ethan's body would be healed at the end of all this.  :)



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